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🎁 Bigfoot Bivy - Emergency Thermal Blanket & Shelter [INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE] (100% off)

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What sets us apart from other fire starters

Bigfoot Bushcraft fire plugs

A fail proof way to ignite a fire from a single spark every time. Lightweight and compact without compromising effectiveness.

Our original Fire Plugs are made for individuals who are hoping for the best but are always prepared for the worst.

Waterproof, Windproof, Failproof

Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plugs

bigfoot bushcraft fire plugs

water and ice? no problem

A dunk in a frozen lake is no match for Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plugs! Break open your Fire Plug, expose its cotton fibers, and ignite it with a single spark from your ferro rod.

Compact Travel Tin - Bigfoot Bushcraft
Extra Thick Ferro Rod + Steel Striker [BF SALE] - Bigfoot Bushcraft

Essential tools

extra thick ferro rod & compact travel tin

The perfect pairings for your Fire Plugs.

1/2 Inch Thick Ferro Rod to ensure you can produce a spark in any condition. Lighters fail - Ferro Rods don't.

A sleek, screw on top container to hold up to 30 of your Fire Plugs compactly.

Most important item to have in case of emergency by survival experts?

a fire starter

approximately 50,000 americans get lost in the wilderness each year

stay prepared with gear by bigfoot bushcraft

400+ dead, 175.2 billion in damages, millions at risk

18 USA natural disasters in 2022

bigfoot bushcraft guarantee to you

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100,000+ happy customers and counting

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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