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Mini Survival Fire Starter Kit [PRIME DAY SALE]

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bigfoot bushcraft mini fire starting kit

What you get in your package

  • 1 x 30 Pack of Fire Plugs
  • 1 x Compact, Tin Plated Steel, Hinge Tin (L) 3.85" x (W) 2.5" x (H) .875"
  • 1 x Mini Ferro Rod (L) 2.75" x (D) .375"
  • 1 x Steel Striker and Multitool
  • 1 x Orange Hi Visibility Paracord (L) 16"
Mini Survival Fire Starter Kit [NEW RELEASE] - Bigfoot Bushcraft

compact and lightweight

4.6 ounces, (L) 3.85" x (W) 2.5" x (H) .875"

Easy to carry and reliable in all weather conditions, the Mini Survival Fire Starter Kit weighs just 4.6 oz and lets you start a fire in seconds. Tuck it away easily in your cars, bugout bags, camping bag, anywhere so you are always prepared for any emergency.

bigfoot bushcraft fire plugs

water and ice? no problem

A dunk in a frozen lake is no match for Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plugs! Break open your Fire Plug, expose its cotton fibers, and ignite it with a single spark from your ferro rod.

Waterproof, Windproof, Failproof

Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plugs

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