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Article: What to Do When Your Home Loses Heat

What to Do When Your Home Loses Heat - Bigfoot Bushcraft

What to Do When Your Home Loses Heat

The unexpected can happen anytime - a severe cold snap rolls in and suddenly, your home heating system gives up the ghost. With potential days or even weeks before restoration, how do you keep the chill at bay? Here’s a concise guide to staying warm when your home loses heat:

1. Have a Backup Heat Source:

  • A pellet-fired stove or a portable heater can be lifesavers. Even a simple setup can provide enough warmth to keep you comfortable.

2. Prevent Frozen Pipes:

  • Keep your faucets on a light drip to prevent pipes from freezing and causing further hassle.

3. Compact Your Living Space:

  • Heat retention is easier in smaller spaces. Close off unused rooms and stick to living and sleeping in a designated area. Opt for rooms with fewer windows, lower ceilings, and proximity to the kitchen.

4. Utilize What You Have:

  • If you have a camping tent, set it up indoors. It can create a smaller, warmer space. Similarly, if your room has a fireplace, it’s time to light it up.

5. Floor Insulation:

  • Lay down blankets on cold floor surfaces, especially under sleeping bags or air mattresses. Every layer adds a bit of warmth.

6. Seal Drafts:

  • Drafts are the enemy of warmth. Use towels, blankets, or even duct tape to block drafts around doors and windows.

7. Dress Warmly:

  • Bundle up in layers, and make use of blankets to stay warm. Your goal is to stay warm, not to recreate summer indoors.

8. Create Alternative Heat:

  • If your stove is operational, use it for generating heat. Space heaters, candles in coffee cans, or even running electronics like computers can also provide some warmth.

9. Exercise Caution with Flames:

  • Be extremely cautious with indoor flames and fuel-based heaters to prevent fires. Ensure space heaters are rated for indoor use and keep them well away from flammable materials.

10. Humidify Your Space:

  • Humidifiers or a hot, steamy shower can add moisture to the air, making the space feel warmer.

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