Common Mistake to Avoid on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

One time, there was a guy called Josh who was about to embark on his first solo wilderness adventure.  

He had zero experience but had spent countless hours watching Youtube videos learning about all the ins and outs of outdoor survival.

But Josh was also a little naive. He assumed everything would go to plan and that he didn’t need to pack all the recommended survival tools.

A fire starter kit being one of them.

When he eventually set off on his grand adventure, things were going smoothly.

His was on course according to his map.

His shoes were comfortable on the rough terrain.

And the weather was perfect so far.

After his first perfect day of trekking was coming to a close, Josh set up his tent for the night and decided to start his first fire.

But as he started rummaging for his matches, he felt the wind suddenly pick up.

And the temperature took a swift drop.

As he began trying to light his fire pit, his match instantly blew out.

And the same for the next one.

And again.

Until before he knew it, he had run out of EVERY match.

Matches that were supposed to last him 3 days of camping.

Josh suddenly came to the realization that all the food he brought required heat to eat.

And that he would have zero chance of warmth at night.

So after a foodless, cold, and uncomfortable first night, Josh packed up his gear in the morning – and sadly trekked back to his truck to end his adventure early.

All because he didn’t pack a simple fire kit.

Next time you go off adventuring, don’t be as naive as Josh and think things will go to plan.

Be prepared for anything to happen when out in Mother Nature.

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